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Are You Charging The Right Price For Your Interior Design Work?

One of the most common financial issues that Interior Designers make is with charging the wrong price for everything they do for their clients.

Stop making those mistakes today with this free "How To Charge Your Interior Design Client" guide.

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Does Your Interior Design Business Need Help With:

Our CFO Lite and CFO Full packages will help your Interior Design business get organized, compliant, and streamlined to free you up to feel confident and focused on doing the work you love doing.




Sales Tax Compliance

Purchasing Management


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What Do Other Interior Designers Say About MTY Bookkeeping?

Mary Therese has done our bookkeeping for nearly 3 years and we have been beyond impressed with her services. She manages all of the details of our interior design business flawlessly including sales taxes, client billing and all other bookkeeping matters. She has excellent communication and we always know she will take care of the task that we have assigned to her. We trust her and we would highly recommend her to you.

Story Street Studio

I have been working with MT for about 8 years. She is wonderful to work with - she truly knows her stuff and is an incredible resource. She is a genius with Studio Designer and helps both keep me in line and cleans up my (many) mistakes! On top of that she keeps my books in line and manages my sales tax payments. I could not do what I do without her.

I have used MTY Bookkeeping for 12 years. They are extremely trustworthy, accurate and knowledgeable. I couldn’t run my business successfully without Mary Therese and her proactive team.

Jane Abercrombie

Get Out Of The Weeds And Back To Being A Great Interior Designer

When we assess your financial situation, we are more than just hired help—we are part of your team. We are invested in your success every step of the way. We'll manage your finances while you tend to other matters, and we'll do it all with professionalism and ease.

MTY Bookkeeping Founder Mary Therese Yamamoto

MT Yamamoto, Owner of MTY Bookkeeping, Inc