Many Ways an Artistic Side Hustle Can Boost your Design Business

You’ve made it and are now an Interior Designer with your own company.

The first few clients were a whirlwind of learning, failing & succeeding, and rolling out the end game which ultimately built your portfolio.

Things have died down and you are wondering where you’re going to get the next best client.

Or you’re established and yearning for something a little extra to incorporate into your biz.

Whichever place you find yourself in, here are a few ideas on how to keep your creative juices flowing while supplementing your business! 

  • Put Your Personal Art to Work – You most likely went to an Art school of some sort. Use your talents to bring attention to your art and make some extra dough.
    1. Frame your hand sketches and arrange them creatively as a gift to the client (get photos for your site). Self promotes, visitors, see and inquire…
    2. Turn your art into a wallpaper panel. A site like takes your designs and makes panels. Again, photograph it and put it in your portfolio.
  • Create Fabric Patterns for Accessories – If you have a signature style and use pillows to accessorize, this can be a lucrative side hustle for you. Not only will it be in your portfolio, but you can sell your pillows and expand on signature accessories like throws and candles. Branding is everything. A site like helps accomplish the fabric design.
  • Open an Office with a Retail Store in the Front – This is easier with a partner that has a similar vision. Your office space rent is supplemented with a storefront that carries your favorite pieces (personal & inventory). You create a presence in the area, and your signature style is on display to the Public. Sign up for the Small Business Saturday events or Sidewalk events. This can get you clients, both Residential and Commercial. 

That last one I can write up a whole other blog, the options there are plentiful! So when things slow down, don’t fret. Take it back to the basics, and rediscover why you love art and design in the first place. It can be therapeutic, and lucrative. Happy Money Making my Friends!