Why Social Media is Working Against You in Getting New Clients

All the money spent on ads, the algorithms, all the things.

You follow the newest trends, make all the videos, reels, and shorts.

Stage then click then edit, then # & post.

You bought $250 in flowers from the exotic market to complement the fabric
from Morocco for that custom HH Bench. You had the perfect lighting.

So why aren’t the clients beating down your door for your innovative design? It’s
because they are clicking and swiping to catch the next dopamine hit. They are
not noticing the amazing artwork you sourced for 2 weeks, or the custom Marble
countertop you found in Italy. They are there for the instant gratification, and
most likely couldn’t afford your amazing designs anyway.

Looks like it’s back to the good old days friends, and this can be a great thing!
With in-person events and openings happening all over the place, now is your
turn to go out and connect with live humans again! That electronic screen we all
were able to hide behind for 2 years does serve many purposes, but it’s time to
put yourself out there and sell you, not your social media. We’ll get into how to
pull all that social stuff into the mix in a minute.

Here are a few suggestions of places to meet new clients that potentially have
money to spend on your valuable time and design concepts:

  1. Country Clubs or Social Clubs – It doesn’t matter what season it is, these spaces are filled year-round with events to keep club members in and entertained. If you can’t swing a full membership, look into “Lite” or “Cottage” memberships. These may not include all the amenities, but they get you in the door. They have events you can attend and meet your future best client.
  2. Charity Events – Generally people out supporting charity events are not the ones in need. They are the people out there spending money to make others’ lives better through raising money. This is a good way to mix and meet those who will appreciate your talent and hire you to design the house of their dreams.
  3. Health and Wellness Events or Retreats – The Health and Wellness industry is an ever-evolving over $1 Trillion Dollar industry come 2023. Do you possibly have talents that incorporate Feng Shui into the home? Or have people told you that your designs settle them or bring calm to their life? There are so many possibilities to expand on this sector, from client homes to actual H&W centers that cater to the health conscious. Stay tuned, there is more to this in my next blog. The options are endless though!

So here’s where the social and electronic components fit right back in. You
meet these potential new clients, pick up conversation, and have your trusty
phone handy to start sharing. QR codes are an amazing thing! You can share
your Instagram with your Linktree, or you can create a digital business card
and ping it right over to their phone (getting their # in the process). My
favorite e-card is https://www.hihello.me. Too easy, right?

As the saying goes: you have to spend it to make it. These options don’t sound
too bad though and can pay off in the long run both personally and
professionally. Why not be entertained, help others, and keep healthy while
raking in the dough? People remember connection a lot better than they do
the Insta feeds, so get out there and meet them! You’ll see, as soon as you
land that dream client, the doors will open because they’ll talk to their friends
who talk to their friends… I’m getting excited for you as I write this! Go on
now, get out there!